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Tune up
In order to make last your transmission’s life, our recommendation is to tune it up every 6,000 miles. With this maintenance your transmission will have a good internal lubrication, a proper calibration and correct speed timing giving you a good performance and comfort

Fluid Flushing
This operation is not required as often as tune up, but it is also important to make periodically. We recommend to do it every 12,000 miles and the performance will be in optimum level.

Tuning Up VS Fluid Flushing
The normal capacity of hydraulic fluid in an automatic transmission is between 3 and 3.5 gallons. With the traditional method (used in tune up), there drains 4 to 5 quarts as much, less than 40% of total capacity.
In Dr. Auto TRANSMISSIONS it is realized the importance of professional service given when there is extracted y replaced 100% of oil with no dismounting the unit.

With our system we flush oil directly to the pump thru the filter hole to provoke a change and fill completely including the torque converter.




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